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How can we use a 'flipped' approach to developing student's language abilities?

The 'flipped' approach or the 'flipped' classroom is becoming increasingly popular in mainstream education, but can we adopt this technique for use in the language classroom and if so, how?

Please add your suggestions and comment with 'pros' and 'cons' of other people's suggestions.

Please also vote on what you think are the best suggestions.

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Pros and cons
We could use videos, pictures, audio clips and other media to help build students' background knowledge on an upcoming topic of study.
by Andrea Wilson Vazquez
Yeah, and just to add to this great idea, we could let them choose the videos, pictures and clips... more
by Vicki Hollett

Carlos, Mark, Araemer and 1 more

We could produce grammar explanation videos for our students to watch before class.
Starting with an explanation of grammar before any examples of the grammar in conversation/readin... more
by James Hosler
But we could produce short example videos of conversations using grammar that will be explained d... more
In response to James' argument, the explicit grammar video could be watched at home after the cla... more
We can create videos that introduce new vocabulary. Even if the students don't watch them before class, the ones that do watch will benefit from the repetition when the vocabulary is discussed in class again. Then absent students can watch the videos to catch up on what they missed.
Great idea -- Students could even be in the videos to introduce the new vocabulary with manipulat... more
by Andrea
Would it be too much to ask the students to collaborate and create the videos themselves ?
by Juan Fernández
In Israel, we teach higher-order thinking skills explicitly, unconnected to a literary text, and then have the students apply the skill to a literary text. I have begun making short webcasts for teaching the skill explicitly, for them to watch at home, and then have them apply it in the classroom... more
by Adele
We did (or could have done) this decades ago, when learner-centred teaching was all the rage.
We could produce example dialogues for the sts to watch and copy in class.
Students have a tendency not to do their homework, so what happens if they turn up to class unpre... more