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How do you use blogs with your students?

Please could you add ideas on how to use blogs with English language students and add some pros and cons to each idea. Thank you.

Pros and cons
Students from different countries can use a blog to post pictures and write a 50 word text about them as in the project "an-image-a-week" http://lifefeast.blogspot.com/2012/02/project-image-week-with-efl-learners.html
by daniela t.
Communicating with other speakers/learners of English is motivating for students and gives them a... more
by Helen (Spain)
Keep a class blog - post homework assignments (past and present), post student project work (videos, student writing, etc), review activities & useful links, embed videos that you want to use with the students.
Privacy may be an issue here.
Most blogging platforms have privacy settings so you can password protect private content.
by Helen (Spain)
A class blog - to encourage discussion of certain topics. Students comment blog posts.
Some students feel more comfortable sharing their opinions this way.
Another way to encourage teens to write and give them a reason to do so.
You can use blogs as a reading log.
by John
Students keept track of books read and submit reviews
Alternative to sites like Goodreads which may not be appropriate, depending on the age of students
English Blogs can be used for more "CLIL"-ish inspired ideas: exchanging ideas on other subjects through the medium of English
by Louise
this can show how English can be used as a means of communication across the globe
Students may focus too much on meaning to the detriment of the language (fluency versus accuracy).
This plays to students' strengths as they can write material related to their academic or profess... more
Students can use blogs as e-portfolios
The chronological order of posts (in Wordpress or Blogger) doesn't work well for e-portfolios. So... more
Depending on platform, may be hard to arrange portfolio items in desired order
You can organise blog content by author, topic, etc. on most blogging platforms.
by Helen (Spain)
Can be used for revision before exams (and the following year after a long summer break when they... more
by Helen (Spain)
You can use blogs as a learning journal
This helps teachers to be more reflective about their teaching
Not everyone likes to make their learning public
Blogs can be used as resources to guide the students in webquests.
by Merve OFLAZ
Younger students and computer/internet access.
by helen (spain)
Some students do not always have access to a computer to do homework.
by Helen (Spain)
Parents sometimes don't see the Internet as a learning tool and use it as a punishment by banning... more
by Helen (Spain)
Parents may not see using computers in English class as essential to learning English and may obj... more
by Helen (Spain)